How to picnic like a pro

Sun’s out, time to activate picnic mode. We’ve got the inside track on how to picnic like a pro – head for the deli section…


The rules of this picnic are: 1. No soggy sandwiches. 2. Our salad must actually pack some punch (and crunch).

For rule number 1:

  • Choose a base. Baguettes and bagels are sog-proof!
  • Choose a spread – go for dips, they have less moisture and more flavour. Try the Woolworths Avocado & Pea Dip or Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.
  • Choose something that crunches: think sliced radish, gherkins and watercress.
Choose your fillers – try something nice and savoury like the Woolworths Salmon & Trout Roulades or cured meats like coppa, salami and parma ham.

For rule number 2:

  • Step 1: no lettuce. (No lettuce = no wilting.) Try blanched Brussels sprouts instead.
  • Step 2: choose something with a bit of heft as your base – like boiled baby potatoes.
  • Step 3: make a fuss-free dressing (mix 2 tablespoons olive oil with 2 teaspoons red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and off you go). Toss to coat.
  • Step 4: Bring on the crunch – add thinly sliced red onion.
  • Step 5: Add that something extra – like smoked trout ribbons – to make it special.
  • Step 6: Grab a fork!

And if you’re still looking to broaden the spread, add a few fish terrines, more cured meat and piles of crackers. Now get out your picnic blanket and go.