5 things that make a braai a braai

There’s no denying that grilling succulent braai meat on an open fire is part of our national heritage. Whether you chose a shisa nyama style braai, a burger braai or a classic chops and wors, here's how to be a braai master.

Our classic South African braai menu is layered with the flavours we all know and love.
Meaty mains, delicious, moreish sides and decadent desserts. You’re in for a treat! 



The fire

The perfect fire is perhaps the biggest stumbling block on the way to the coveted "Braai Master" title. How do you light the ultimate braai fire?


Marinades & Rubs

Now that you've mastered the art of the perfect braai fire, it's time to season the meat. Marinades, rubs and barbecue sauces form the flavour foundation on which your meal is built.

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with flavour enhancing homemade marinades and rubs. Of course the quality of the meat and your braai technique matters, but don't neglect your flavour accessories. 


On the side

Braai sides are the perfect opportunity to cut a few corners and opt for ready-made. If you're a die-hard cook from scratch fan, here are a few great recipes to try this summer.

Spicy chakalaka
Parmesan dusted mielies 
Tangy coleslaw with a yoghurt dressing 
A classic pap tart 
Potato salad with bacon 


And of course the meat

The meat is a deal breaker, it can make or break the final product. Choosing the right cut can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few basic tips to guide you:

More fat means more flavour
Fresher is better, free rage is best


The sweet stuff!

Don't forget the sweet stuff. Finish off any braai in effortless style with these fresh and delicious desserts that's a favourite at South African braais. 

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