Lunch in 5 minutes flat

Putting together a satisfying work lunch shouldn’t have to be a chore. These lunches can be assembled in five minutes flat, and with five ingredients or less. Can we get an amen?


Lunch 1: warm nacho tomato soup

Low KJ controlled canned tomato soup + a handful of multi-grain nacho chips + handful fresh tomatoes + half a small avocado + BBQ chicken mini kebabs snack pack = spicy deliciousness.

Lunch 2: grain salad jar

2 teaspoons Woolworths Basil Pesto + 100 g ready to eat barley + carrot, cucumber, celery & hummus pot + chicken frikkadels snack pack + micro herbs or green leaves = fresh and flavour-filled. 

Or … if you’re really in a hurry:

Woolworths Sliced Smoked Chicken Roll + 500 ml brewed ice tea + portion controlled fruit snack pot + snacking cucumbers = classic lunch box goodness.