Powerful recipes with power grains

Lately, the ancient grains known as power grains have been making a powerful comeback. Their delicious, earthy flavours make them ideal in salads and sides, as well as the main event.

Look for:

- Spelt: This wholegrain is great for baking

- Quinoa (pronounced ‘keenwa’): is versatile like rice, and naturally gluten-free

- Pearl barley: this kernel is great in casseroles, soups and pilaffs

- Bulgur wheat: a wholewheat grain that works well in salads

- Woolworths 7 Grain Medley: (ready in 90 seconds) is a robust combo of modern and ancient grains


And if you’re ready to get cooking:

Stuffed roasted butternut

Halve some baby butternuts, spoon the seeds and roast in the oven until tender. Take some cooked spelt and quinoa, toss with Napoletano sauce and shredded baby spinach, and spoon into the butternuts. Top with crunchy radish and chopped spring onion, and sprinkle with Parmesan. Perfect for an office lunch or midweek dinner.

Salmon handrolls with 7 grain medley

Cut nori seaweed sheets into squares and spread with Woolworths sriracha cream cheese. Add Woolworths 7 grain medley, heated according to the package instructions. Add cucumber, avocado and smoked trout, and dress with pickled ginger and micro greens. Ideal for lunch with the girls or date night!