#EatWell challenge: plums


Each week we’re challenging you to #Eatwell. Take up the challenge and add something new to your diet.

Summer brings with it a wealth of deliciously juicy stone fruit including peaches, nectartines and this week’s focus – plums. Available in many different varieties, some red, some yellow, some purple, plums are a source of Vitamin C and other naturally occurring nutrients that our bodies need. Great for lunchboxes and snacks, you’ll find only the best, specially selected varieties, including our exclusive Ripe and Ready Supersweet Plums, at Woolies.

7 ways to enjoy plums

  1. Quarter, remove pip, and add to fruit salad
  2. Lightly grill or braai plum halves 
  3. Make a plum sorbet
  4. Cook them down to make your own plum sauce or glaze
  5. Sprinkle halves with a little freshly ground salt and pepper and oven roast them
  6. Make a pizza using sliced plums and goat’s cheese
  7. Poach them in red wine with a few cloves or star anise

We challenge you to upload pics of you enjoying or cooking with plums to Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @Woolworths_SA and add the hashtag #Eatwell. And remember, Discovery Vitality members get up to 25% cash back on over 1000 HealthyFood items at Woolworths.