The Woolworths Trust

The Woolworths Trust was formed in 2003 and has been making a tangible difference in South Africa. In partnership with various organisations, the Trust coordinates the many ways in which Woolworths gives back to make a meaningful impact in local communities by supporting programmes that improve food security, reduce child vulnerability and uplift education. 

Here’s how the Woolworths Trust makes a difference:

  1. The Woolworths Trust has enabled hundreds of schools and communities to grow their own food gardens through our partnership with Food & Trees for Africa and the EduPlant programme.
  2. We support Childsafe, a campaign launched by the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa which aims to create awareness of child injuries and how to prevent them.
  3. The Woolworths Trust supports the upliftment of education in South African schools through its partnership with the National Education Collaboration Trust and by providing educators with much-needed educational resources and experiential activities through the Woolworths Making the Difference Educational Programmes
  4. The Trust also encourages Woolworths employees to get involved in charitable work within their local communities and provides support for a variety of charitable causes.
  5. The Trust also oversees millions of Rands worth of donations of surplus food to charities every year.

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