Milestones (3-4 years)

Watching your child grow up into a healthy, joyous and confident little person is one of the most wonderful experiences for any parent. You are doing such a great job in guiding them through this amazing journey. Well done!

As they continue to grow, there are a number of the major developments you can expect to see in their third and fourth years. But remember that lists like this are merely meant to be general guides. Your child may get to some of these milestones earlier or later than other kids of their age. Don’t panic either way – it’s perfectly normal! If you are worried about any aspects of his or her development, however, it’s a good idea to speak to your health professional for advice.

By age 3

Most children:
  • Will have gained about 2 kilograms and grown about 8 centimetres since their second birthday.
  • Are interested in or have finished toilet training.
  • Understand three-step instructions, enjoy simple puzzles and know their name, age and gender.
  • Constantly ask questions.
  • Can jump, run, climb, pedal a tricycle and kick a ball.
  • Enjoy playmates, although sharing things may still be a challenge.

By age 4

Most children:

  • Have gained about 2 kilograms and grown about 8 centimetres since turning three.
  • Can say their name, identify some basic colours and match things that are the same, like pairs of socks.
  • Can speak in sentences with at least 5 or 6 words, tell stories, and sing songs.
  • Can stand on one foot, throw a ball overhand and go up and down stairs without holding on to anything.
  • Can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

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