Single parents - you're amazing!

We are forever impressed by the incredible job single mothers and fathers do in bringing up their children. We understand how difficult it can be to raise a family on your own, but we also know how fantastic you’re at it and how many beautiful memories you are creating for yourself and your kids.

Looking for some inspiration in helping you keep it all together? We have some suggestions that may be useful:


Trust your instinct

You’re a great parent and nobody could do a better job of raising your family than you. You are the person who knows your children the best. By all means, take advice and tips from others – including us! – but don’t ever be afraid to do what you know is right when it comes to your own kids.

Take a deep breath

Being the one adult in your family comes with plenty of responsibility and stress. If there’s a problem – any problem – you’re the one who has to find a solution. But try not to lose your cool when things inevitably get a little bit too hectic. Step away from the situation for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and count to ten. You’ll feel better soon; ready to face the next exciting parenting challenge.

Tailor-make your schedule

You’re the head of a unique family. What works for others may not work for you. Try to figure out how to balance your work responsibilities with your private life in order to optimise what matters most – being able to spend lots of quality time with your children. This may involve looking for a flexible job, for instance by freelancing, or chatting to your boss to ensure that they understand your situation and give you the flexibility you need to be able to perform at your best at work and at home.

Book some you-time

Your children’s happiness and safety are your prime concern – that’s natural. It’s also important, however, that you schedule some kid-free time just for yourself on a regular basis. This will allow you to recharge your batteries and look after your own physical and mental well-being. Get a babysitter, ask a family member for a couple of hours of their time, or arrange a childcare swap with other parents, and take a revitalising break, whether that means going for a relaxing massage or watching a movie.

Make friends with other single parents

Realise that you’re not alone as a single parent and allow yourself to accept help from others. We think creating a network of supportive friends you can rely on is a brilliant idea. Seek out other single parents to share your experiences with. They’ll understand many of the issues you’re dealing and will be only too happy to help out where they can.

Give yourself a pat on the back

We think you’re amazing. And so should you! Parenting a child on your own is a major accomplishment and you should take a moment every now and again to congratulate yourself for the great job you’re doing.



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