Celebrating Grandparents

By Andreas Wilson-Spath

In our fast-paced world, where constant innovation and instantaneous online gratification are the norm, we can, at times, overlook the vital roles members of previous generations play in society. On Grandparents day, we celebrate the many invaluable contributions these incredible people make to our lives.

Grandparents and other special older people are remarkable in helping parents raise families, offering unconditional love and attention to children, and connecting us all to our traditions and heritage.

"Grandparents are so important in our family, but it can be a tricky relationship to navigate" says Zayaan Shroeder, author of the popular blog Surviving the Madness. She explains that while her parents offer unwavering support, they also believe that it is their right to spoil their grandchildren. "That said, they lavish the kids with buckets of love, and sanity would fly straight out the window without them".

Studies show that young people who have regular, positive interactions with their grandparents or other older folks in their community tend to suffer from fewer behavioral and emotional problems. Not surprisingly, this positive effect works both ways: elderly people are less likely to expereince depression if they are actively involved in the lives of children.

We owe our grandparents a debt of gratitude for sharing their deep sense of family history along with their welath of experience and wisdom with us. They are amazing repositories of good advice and great teachers of useful skills, passing on treasured family recipes as well as handy tips on knitting, fishing, and more.


Here are 6 ideas to show them how much you care:

1. Ask granny and grandpa to take you on a guided tour of the significant places of their childhood while telling you about the most important moments in their lives.

2. A small treat can go a long way towards expressing your appreciation. Spoil granny with a pretty scarf, a scented candle, or a beautiful orchid treasure. Grandpa will appreciate a box of delicious chocolates or a new leather wallet.

3. Organise a special family Sunday lunch during which kids, parents, and grandparents can share their stories across the generations. Young members of the clan get to tell everyone else about today's adventures, while grandparents can reminisce about the way things worked in their youth.

4. If your special older person lives too far away to visit regularly, get the children to draw a colourful hand-made card and create an up-to-date family photo album for them.

5. Compile a playlist of granny and grandpa's favourite songs and put it on a CD or their phones for them - they will really appreciate the thoughfulness of the gift!

6. Why not get your kids to become their grandparents' pen-pals? Whether it's your 3-year-old's latest drawing or your 6-year-old's first written letter, granny and grandpa will love to open letters from their grandchildren. regular letter writing will not only introduce the children to the concept of snail mail, it will also assist them in developing their writing and creative skills, and, above all, forge an extra-strong bond between them and their grandparents.

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