Your Eco-Friendly Baby

Having a baby is the best motivator to start taking better care of your world. While the way you live right now might not have much effect on your future, there is no doubt that it will affect the future of your child.

By getting into green habits now, you will raise an earth-friendly child and help make the world a cleaner, better place for their future.

Woolies is here to help… and our Good Business Journey programme means we are right on that path with you.


Breast is best at first for your baby, so try to breastfeed your baby for as long as possible. Even one feed a day can promote healthy development. It’s also free and takes no resources to produce. Bonus!

Once babies have passed the six month mark, they will start to eat solid food [Link to: Baby (0-1) /Starting solids]. Choosing organic food is better for the environment and better for your baby. Because babies are sensitive to toxins in foods, the fact that organic foods have no additives or pesticides and aren’t genetically modified, means you give your baby the best start for a healthy life.

You can even make your own organic baby food. Simply choose from our delicious range of gorgeous organic fruit and vegetables and cook and blend, or mash some raw fruit and watch baby smile. And why not start a garden to begin teaching your baby about where food comes from, while getting some fresh air at the same time?



Dressing babies up in cute, colourful outfits is fun, but they do grow out of them really quickly and often get them dirty in record time. By buying organic clothing, you’re making the decision to buy clothing that’s both better for your baby and for the environment. Sleepwear and basics are great organic options, then simply top up with a few cute outfits for special occasions. 

Another great way to help save the environment is to save baby’s clothes for your next child or swap with friends and donate unwanted items to a charity shop. Donating, instead of throwing away is one of the easiest ways of going green!


Caring & Cleaning

Look out for baby products that are natural, organic and fragrance free, or go natural with cotton wool and water, and olive oil to protect and lock in moisture. Try our exclusive Earth Friendly toiletries range that is dermatologically approved and made with only naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients and contains no petrochemicals or artificial colourants.

When you have a baby roaming around the house, you want to make sure your surroundings are clean and hygienic, without introducing too many chemicals into the mix. Consider switching to eco-friendly dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents and cleaning products. We have a great range of eco-friendly cleaning products or you can even make your own using natural alternatives like white vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice.



Choose high quality and safety-tested toys. You could also buy wooden toys as long as the wood comes from a sustainably harvested resource or buy soft, cuddly toys made from organic materials.

Have a toy swap party with friends who have children or donate them to a charity shop.  You could also get creative and make your own fun toys using things around the house.

If you aren’t a member of Woolworths littleworld yet, why not find out about the benefits?