Tips to help kids focus

Concentration is an important skill kids need to develop – especially once they’re heading to ‘big school’. We’re certain that you are already doing many things that help your child improve their focus when it’s required. But if you’re keen to explore additional avenues to help them achieve this, you may find the following suggestions helpful:

Playing with puzzles

Puzzles not only develop problem-solving skills, but help your child pay attention to detail and focus on one thing while having fun. They also make for an engaging family activity.

“There are many games you can play with your children to help improve memory and focus, and teach them to take note of details. Games such as “Missing out” (find the differences between two similar pictures), “Where’s Wally” and “I spy …”, for example, help them to focus on finer details which might be helpful when they read exam papers.” – Sunette Bishop, a child psychologist based in Somerset West

Homework hour

It’s a great idea to switch off TVs, computers, iPads and cell phones while your child does his homework – he’s got plenty of time to enjoy them during the rest of the day. This will help him to remain completely focused on the project or task at hand without any distractions.

Encourage her to study in bursts. Let her work for 20 to 45 minutes at a time, depending on her age, and then remind her to stretch her legs, get some fresh air or get a drink of water or a snack. Better yet, play a quick game with her during her break time, or read a story together.

“Encourage your child to read, take them to the library to take out books of their interest and make time to discuss what they have read later.” – Sunette Bishop, a child psychologist based in Somerset West.

Make a list

Nothing encourages focus like a list of deliverables. Ask her to write down a list of everything she has to complete for the day and to tick off each one as she finishes them. Don’t forget to praise her when she’s done!

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