South Africa produces about 100 million tons of waste every year. Most of this ends up in landfill sites, and the fact is, quite a lot of what we throw away can be recycled. 

Why recycle?

Recycling helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and also creates jobs. Recycled materials can be reused, reducing the amount of natural resources and energy used to create new products and packaging. Recycling also contributes to less pollution and litter thus creating a healthier, greener and cleaner society.

What should you recycle?

Different materials are recycled in different ways, and some can't be recycled. To help you recycle we've adopted our packaging information labelling. The first thing to do is have a look at what it is you're getting rid of – what is it made of and is it recyclable? That's what the symbols on the back of our packaging tell you. The symbols will also give you any special instructions, for example, if you need to rinse the packaging before recycling.

Where can I recycle?

Finally, you need to know where you can find the right facilities to recycle. Will your local recycling programme come and pick up all your recyclable waste, or just some of it, or perhaps you have to take it to a local recycling station – your local municipality facilities, your children’s school, your office, etc? For more information on collection and recycling in your area, you can visit the following websites:
Drop-off sites: My Waste
Plastic: Plastics|SA
Paper: RecyclePaperZA
Glass: The Glass Recycling Company
Metal: Collect-a-Can

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