Farming for the Future in Ceres | Good Business Journey | Woolworths SA

Fourth generation Ceres farmer Peter Wolfaardt says his biggest dream for the future is to live in an area where people are definitely more equal.

"We call it social harmony...What my parents did well is they built a business where staff felt inclusive from day one. We try and develop our staff into senior positions rather than hiring from outside. Our staff member, Nicholas Smits, started off as a general labourer and has worked his way up to managing the farm 100% by himself. It's an honour to be part of making a difference when it comes to staff."

Peter says the Farming for the Future programme has helped his business immensely. "And they make it so easy to do it. We have water meters in the pump houses to measure how much water we're using. On pest control we try to be as least intrusive as we can, trying to use natural mulches...because we want to product the best quality fruit there is out there. Producing what the world wants out there, responsibly, that's the art of being a good farmer."

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