#Eatwell Challenge: figs

Every week we challenge you to add something new to your diet by taking up our #Eatwell challenge.

Inside their green or purple exterior lies the deliciously sweet pink fruit of the fig. Enjoy fresh figs raw or cooked, or add chopped dried figs to muffins or crunchies. Woolies offers several varieties, including our locally sourced Adam’s figs and Soft-Eating Turkish figs, which have just enough moisture added back after sun-drying so they’re indulgently soft, plump and delicious.

7 ways to enjoy figs

1.    Fresh figs are a great accompaniment to cheese, especially blue cheeses
2.    Make a summer salad with quartered fresh figs, feta and chunks of melon
3.    Pan fry fig halves till caramelised and serve with a dollop of plain yoghurt
4.    Sprinkle chopped dried figs over breakfast porridge 
5.    Add a couple of Soft-eating figs to lunchboxes as a sweet surprise
6.    Make fig and walnut muffins
7.    Add halved or quartered figs to chicken skewers and braai

We challenge you to upload pics of you enjoying or cooking with figs to Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @Woolworths_SA and add the hashtag #Eatwell. And remember, Discovery Vitality members get up to 25% cash back on over 1000 HealthyFood items at Woolworths.