Throw a cheese party!

We’re planning to throw a cheese party this summer (and so should you). It’s easy, it’s impressive as anything, and it’s your perfect holiday entertaining solve.


Blue cheese – intense and exciting

Pair blue cheeses like the Boland Blue, De Leeuwen and Botham’s Crèmezola Blue with roasted red grapes (or green fig preserve) and roasted pecan nuts.

Semi firm cheese – subtle but rich

Pair these kinds of cheese – like Lanquedoc Camembert, goat’s and cow’s milk Brie de Roche – and Cambozola Blue with berries, nuts and a drizzle of honey or preserves.

Aged cheese – sharp and nutty, slightly crunchy

Pair aged cheese like vintage cheddar or Red Fox with charcuterie and fresh cherries.

Mild cheese – soft and creamy

Pair soft cheese like Cevroc goat’s cheese, mascarpone & ricotta with sun-dried tomato and basil pesto, and chilli & lime mascarpone & ricotta, with crackers and a drizzle of honey.

Cheeses like the Overberg, Boland and Havarti come into their own when paired with olives, sun-dried tomatoes and Woolies Ginger and Peppadew® Pepper Relish.