What's your flavour?

No two people are identical, so why should your coffee tastes be? Take this quiz and find your flavour…

Where would your ultimate trip take you?

a) A fast-paced weekend in New York
b) A slow cycle through the countryside of Ireland
c) An extended trip through Europe, discovering the classics

What’s your favourite Colour?

a) Letterbox red
b) Sage green
c) Navy blue

Which is your curry?

a) A fiery Durban mutton curry
b) A milk Bobotie with yellow rice
c) A classic Butter chicken

Your dream ride?

a) A red Ferrari
b) A Toyota Prius
c) An original VW Mini

Mostly As? You’re an on-the-go espresso drinker

Try: Café Fairtrade All African Espresso Beans

Mostly Bs? Looks like you and caffeine don’t mix, so it’s decaf for you

Try: Organic Decaf

Mostly Cs? You’re about full roast and flavour – a classic

Try: Ground 100% Arabica Breakfast Filter Blend