Caring for your potted orchid


Have you just been gifted a breath-taking orchid? Have you perhaps purchased one as a treat to yourself? Here’s some fantastic news for you: taking care of your new orchid is nowhere near as intimidating as you may imagine it to be.

Here are our top tips for caring for these exquisite plants. 



Watering an orchid is different than it is for other plants. The easiest way to water an orchid is to take it to the kitchen sink once per week and feed it no more than 50ml of water . The water will run right through the pot as orchids are potted in free-draining mixes. Resist the temptation to water it too frequently, orchids hate that. Generally speaking, once every 7 - 10 days should be fine. If an orchid is in a planter with no drainage hole it will need to be removed for watering. A great trick is to place 1 ice cube on your orchid, once a week.


Fertilize! In nature most orchids cling to trees and get very little in the way of food. They are happiest with a consistent supply of weak fertilizer. In general, orchids prefer a balanced complete fertilizer. Our concentrated orchid plant food is designed to meet the Orchid's specific need, ensuring beautiful and repeated blooms. - Feed plant once every 2 weeks with approximately 30ml of diluted Orchid food.



Repot orchids when they go out of bloom. This gives them the best chance at a successful growth phase and the flowering phase that follows. Orchids will smother if they remain in the same media too long, they are air plants and need oxygen at their roots.