DIY marinades, rubs and sauces

Made to showcase your meat, seafood or veggies, nothing tastes better than your own homemade marinade, rub or sticky dipping sauce. Master the art of the braai and take outdoor cooking to the next level by adding new taste twists.  

Here’s how to add the right flavour enhancers to impress your guests. 


Used to add flavour and tenderise meats, marinades work really with cuts like shortribs and pork shoulder.  As a guide, the bigger the cut of meat, the longer the marinating time. Thin slices of beef need around 10 minutes, while steaks need about two hours and large cuts like deboned lamb, pork shoulder and ribs need up to eight hours (or overnight).  For tenderised chicken, dairy-based marinades with buttermilk or yoghurt work really well. 

Fresh chilli and garlic marinade
Harissa and thyme marinade
Zesty herb lemon and garlic marinade

Dry rubs:

Used to draw juices to the surface and help create a mouthwatering braai crust, dry rubs have a stronger flavour and stick to meat better than wet rubs. Perfect for big cuts like steak, whole fillets and butterflied lamb, where slightly charred citrus and fresh herbs brighten the flavour. 

Deboned leg of lamb with herb rub 
Cocoa and spice rubbed ribs with bbq sauce
Spice rubbed cauliflower steaks 

Dipping sauces:

The perfect addition to beautifully cooked meat, seafood or veggies, dipping sauces are made to boost flavours when the food comes off the grill.  From classic barbeque to the more exotic chermoula or peri peri, they’re the perfect way for guests to customise their favourite flavours on food fresh from the grill.

Homemade BBQ sauce  
Moroccan chermoula
Peri-peri sauce

Of course if you're feeling like a little help from us, shop our ready made rubs or try our marinades and sauces for delicious flavour in a flash.