Small Human, Big Difference

We care about your little one almost as much as you do and that’s why we put extra effort into every garment we make to keep your munchkin safe and sound. Our difference is in every little detail to give you peace of mind.

No Choking Hazards

If a needle breaks during the sewing of our baby clothes, the entire manufacturing line stops. Every piece of the broken needle must be recovered before we can carry on. Each piece of clothing goes through a metal detector to ensure that there is no sewing needle left behind. 

Our buttons are securely lock-stitched and all the poppers undergo a special popper pull test so there’s less chance of them coming loose and possibly being swallowed.

Comfy Babywear

Any metal poppers, zippers or trims on our products are nickel-free and non-ferrous, so there is no way metal anywhere in the item can harm your baby. A lot of our babywear has added stretch in the fabric to give your little one plenty of comfy wiggle room, while our walkmates shoes are designed with a little extra toe space and wider forefoot area to accommodate growing feet.

Soft Touch

Baby clothing made from pure cotton has a softer handle made with specially selected cotton or cotton blends designed to wrap your baby in comfort while allowing their skin to breathe. Clothing that is made with combed cotton has undergone an additional spinning process that makes the yarn softer and stronger for better quality and longer wear.

Fleece items are finished with a special treatment that prevents the items from developing pills/bobbles to keep the clothes looking good as new for longer.


These are just some of the ways we've applied the Woolies difference to improve your baby's quality of life and give you peace of mind.