Growing a good relationship with food

As a working mom of three boys under six, Catherine Bothner knows all about the daily hustle of getting food on the table – and getting the kids to actually eat the food. As a food strategist at Woolworths, she is, however, also an expert on food innovation and trends, and always on the lookout for smart ways of getting good food into those tummies.

Her tips? Get your kids involved in the kitchen, and let them have at least a small taste of everything. Cultivate a positive relationship with food by talking about where it comes from and eating together as a family whenever you can.

And if all else fails? Nothing wrong with some clever shortcuts: sneaking veggies into a pasta sauce here, or ‘assembling’ dinner from a shop-bought rotisserie chicken there. It’s all part of the journey.

Because we believe that living well starts with eating well, and eating well starts at home. It starts with good values, it starts with eating together, and it starts with family.