Traditional Lunch Box Menu

Please note: Nutritional needs of children vary widely based on age and activity levels, therefore portions sizes are estimates and serve only as a guide. For more information or should you require individualised advice please contact your dietitian, or go to to locate a dietitian in your area.


    Mini seeded brown roll filled with sliced beef frikkadels, sliced cucumber, baby butter lettuce and lite mayo 
    Chef’s style baby carrots 
    100ml kids low fat Ayrshire strawberry dairy drink 
    100ml litchi juice and 100ml water mixed


    Make your own tuna mayo and mozzarella cheese tramezzini: 1 heat and eat brown pita bread, tuna in brine grated mozzarella cheese and lite mayonnaise Slice the pita in half and fill with tuna, mayo and mozzarella. Place the pita in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 180⁰C. Slice into quarters.
    1-2 Mini mango fruit rolls 
    Mini tomatoes and cucumber batons 
    Water with sliced strawberries for a flavour boost 


    Chicken & avocado low GI sandwich
    1 40g packet mango , apple and pine snack pack
    Snap peas and sliced red pepper dipped in Tzaziki
    Small handful raw almonds
    Strawberry yoghurt 
    Water with mint


    Cheese and pastrami roll ups: 2x 30 g cheese fingers wrapped in Pastrami 
    1 Berry oat bar mini bite 
    1 bag mini carrot batons with guacamole to dip 
    Small frozen fruit juice (which becomes a slushie as it melts) 


    Tikka chicken pasta salad 220 g
    Sliced apple with 2 tablespoons organic crunchy peanut butter (coat the apple in lemon juice to prevent browning)
    Mini rosa tomato snack pack
    Kids low fat Ayrshire strawberry dairy drink 
    Frozen water