How to control your partner's spending

The topic of relationship finances is one of the most difficult conversations you will have as a couple. And while it might not be the most enjoyable, it is still necessary. Follow these tips to avoid splurge spending and the arguments that go with it.

Calm and collected

If your partner does some extravagant spending, swiping a large purchase on the credit card without your consent – don’t go into attack mode. It is completely normal to be angry or upset but attacking your partner will only provoke an argument. Wait until you’ve had a chance to cool down before broaching the subject.

You can say how you feel

When you sit down to discuss money matters, you should both decide beforehand that you each get a turn to speak without interruption. When it is your turn, give examples of why his or her actions upset you and how you see it becoming a trend. Remember, you don’t want your partner feeling attacked so avoid words such as “you always” and “you don’t care.”

Listen to what they have to say

You’ve said what you needed to say and now it’s your partner's turn. It’s important to listen to what they have to say without interrupting with your own thoughts. Often you’ll find their apology or understanding at the end of their explanation.

Plan of action

Now that you know how each one feels, you can come up with a budget to suit both interests. When you’re budgeting it’s important to factor in some “play” money. Read this article to get simple tips on How to budget properly.