Prosciutto Crudo 70 g
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Our prosciutto crudo is delicately sweet, yet intensely flavourful. It is dry cured, aged ham. Serve with a salad of rocket leaves, torn basil, chopped Roma tomatoes, segmented oranges, black olives and Woolworths balsamic vinaigrette, or with crusty Italian rolls or Italian breadsticks.

  • Authentic product from Italy

Food for Thought

  • Prosciutto Crudo is the traditional form of ham made in the Emillia Romagna region. "Crudo" is the name given to hams that are salted and cured, as opposed to "Cotto", meaning cooked or boiled. Selected large breed pork hams are used for good meat to fat ratio and the fragrant aroma and flavour typical of prosciutto. Dry salted and air dried, for a minimum of 12 months, it has a distinctive sweetness and full flavour.



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