Bring on the BOOSTERbowl™

It’s always a good idea to work a variety of colourful fruit and veg into your diet – and the Woolworths BOOSTERbowl™, which comes in a variety of different combinations, makes it so easy. Dish up and dig in!


Why do we love the BOOSTERbowl™? Let us count the ways:

- Ready to eat (no meal prep!)

- So much choice
- Delicious combinations

- Makes it so easy to enjoy your daily fruit & veg

What goes into them?

Fruit BOOSTERbowl™: 
Grains, apple sticks, papaya and strawberries

… drizzled with apple mint dressing.

Chickpea rainbow BOOSTERbowl™:

Beetroot hummus, chickpeas, leaves, avocado, noodles, red cabbage, kale

… and spoon over turmeric dressing. 

Kale and quinoa BOOSTERbowl™:

Mixed grains and corn, beetroot, leaves, feta, radish

… and sprinkle with pomegranate and chai seed dressing.


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