WRewards FAQs

Do my online purchases contribute towards my WRewards tier status?

Yes, all of your online purchases will be added to your in-store purchases to determine your tier status.

Can I redeem my WRewards vouchers when shopping online?

Unfortunately not yet – but we’re working on this.

Do my online purchases contribute to my MySchool My Village MyPlanet beneficiary?

Yes, but you must make sure that you record your MySchool/MyPlanet card number in the space provided in the “My Account” section of the website.

Do I get the Woolworths WRewards special offers when I shop online?

Yes, but you must make sure that you record your Woolworths or MySchool/MyPlanet Card number in the space provided in the “My Account” section of the website.

Why do I have to supply both an email address and a cell phone number?

Your email address will be used for vouchers, special savings product communications and other Woolworths WRewards communications.  Your cell phone number may be used for invitations to preview sales or other promotional messages. We might also occasionally send you an SMS voucher.  You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. (Remember that if you do unsubscribe, we won’t be able to send you any marketing communications, which means you’ll miss out on vouchers you’re entitled to ).  

Do I need a special card to participate in the WRewards programme?

As long as you have one of the following cards, Store Card, Credit Card, WRewards Card, MySchool or MyPlanet card, you are already part of WRewards and DO NOT need a separate card.
If you don’t have any one of the abovementioned cards, you’ll need to apply for a WRewards Card or MySchool card in order to join the WRewards programme

How do I apply for a WRewards or MySchool /MyPlanet card ?

You can apply online or pick up an application form at any Woolworths store. Take your completed form to any till, and  you’ll receive your Difference Card immediately. Difference and MySchool/MyPlanet cards can be used immediately.

If I already have a Woolworths card, why should I also apply for a MySchool /MyPlanet card as well?

Swiping your linked Store Card, Woolworths Credit Card or Difference Card at Woolworths will raise funds for your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary.  There are many other retailers that are MySchool /MyPlanet partners and contribute to the programme. You’ll need a MySchool or MyPlanet card to swipe at these stores in order to raise funds for your beneficiary.
You will receive regular updates on the funds you have raised for your named beneficiaries through a monthly electronic statement. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet will also let you know about competitions and events through email – please make sure that MySchool has your correct email address!

How do I link my WRewards card to my MySchool/MyPlanet card?

You can contact either the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet or the WRewards Call Centre and request that they link your card.  (This is different from linking any of your Woolworths card to your online profile at woolworths.co.za - this you can do yourself.)

Why must I swipe my WRewards or MySchool/MyPlanet card at the beginning of the  sale transaction?

This is to register that you are a member of WRewards and receive your instant savings at the till whilst boosting your tier status with every swipe.

Can I claim my instant savings or discount  benefit  at a later stage if the cashier at the store doesn’t swipe my card before the sale transaction?

No, even though you are part of the WRewards programme, if you do not ensure that your card is swiped BEFORE the sale transaction is processed (so that the system knows that you are part of the WRewards programme) you will not receive the instant savings or discount benefit.

How do I replace a lost WRewards card?

Call the Woolworths WRewards Call Centre (0861 50 20 50) to request a replacement card. Please note that we’ll have to cancel your lost card before we can process your application for a new WRewards card.  It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to send you your replacement card.
If you need a replacement card immediately (for instance to take advantage of WRewards discounts), you can get a replacement card at any Woolworths store. Please note that either you or the store MUST contact the WRewards Call Centre and advise them of your new card number, so we can link this to your account.

How does the Woolworths WRewards programme affect the Wpoints vouchers linked to my Woolworths Visa Credit card?

Woolworths WRewards does NOT replace the Wpoints rewards and benefits our credit card customers receive from Woolworths Financial Services. It is an added benefit.

What are the various rewards linked to your WRewards programme?

Please access the Woolworths website via www.woolworths.co.za. On the Home page, under WREWARDS if you look at the sub headings “How it works” and “Tiered Rewards” it will detail how the programme works and all the benefits.

Tiers: How can I find out more information about my Tier status?

Log onto www.woolworths.co.za and under WREWARDS click on Tier status. You’ll need to have your card handy.
Alternatively, you can call the WRewards line 0861 992 582. You’ll need to have your card handy.

Tiers: What must I do if I cannot see my Tier details on the Tier Information Summary screen?

Please call the WRewards Call Centre during office hours on 0861 50 20 50 for assistance.
Please be aware that if you are a MySchool/MyPlanet cardholder and you have not given permission for Woolworths to contact you, you will not be able to access your Tier status information.

Tiers: In the Tier status information, what is a “Woolworths month”?

The Woolworths Trading and Financial month end is usually the last Sunday of the month.  For example, the Woolworths month end for February 2013 was Sunday, 24 February 2013.

Tiers: What are the various Tier levels linked to the WRewards programme, and how much do you need to spend to reach those Tier levels ?

There are 3 levels – Valued, Loyal and VIP. When you open get any Woolies or MySchool card, you will begin your membership journey as a VALUED member. When your spend in the Woolworths year (July to June) exceeds R8 400 you become a LOYAL member. When your spend exceeds R25 200 in the Woolworths year (July to June) you will reach the top Tier level of VIP. If you open a Black Credit Card account, you are automatically a VIP member for one year. See the tier table on http://www.woolworths.co.za/store/fragments/wrewards/wrewards-index.jsp?content=how-it-works for a complete list of the benefits of each tier

Tiers: How often do you look to upgrade the Tier levels?

Tier levels are upgraded every month – assuming that you have reached the required spend for the next level.

Tiers: I know that there are 3 Tier levels – Valued, Loyal and VIP. How can I find out how much more I need to spend to get to my next level?

Log onto www.woolworths.co.za  and under WREWARDS click on Tier status.
When have accessed your Tier Status, it will indicate your current status, your Woolworths year-to-date spend, and (near the top of the page) it will indicate how much you need to spend to get to the next level.
Alternatively, you can call the WRewards line 0861 992 582. Please have your card handy.

Vouchers: If I receive an SMS voucher, will it have a specific reference number?

Yes – all SMS vouchers will have a specific voucher reference number. The reference number is 20 digits long, with a blank space after each 4 digits.

Vouchers: If I lose or delete my voucher, whether received via the post, email or SMS, is it possible for the lost voucher to be replaced?

As per our terms and conditions, vouchers cannot be replaced.
If you wish to lodge a complaint/query, you can contact the WRewards Call Centre on 0861 50 20 50.  They’ll refer it to the Woolworths WRewards team.

Vouchers: Can I choose to receive my WRewards vouchers via SMS rather than by email?

WRewards vouchers or communication can be sent either by post, SMS or email.  This is why we specifically ask applicants for all their contact details and communication permissions at the time of application. The WRewards team will choose to make use of either channel at any given time based on campaign requirements and objectives – so it is best to ensure that we have permission to contact you via all routes. We do not want members to miss out!

Vouchers: What can I do if by mistake I delete a SMS voucher?

As per our terms and conditions, vouchers cannot be replaced, you can call the WRewards Call Centre on 0861 50 20 50. They’ll manage your query/complaint.

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