Bread-Free Lunch Box Menu

Please note: Nutritional needs of children vary widely based on age and activity levels, therefore portions sizes are estimates and serve only as a guide. For more information or should you require individualised advice please contact your dietitian, or go to www.adsa.org.za to locate a dietitian in your area.


  1. MONDAY Mini cheese omelette 2go 
    Mini tomato flavoured rice crackers 15 g  
    Fresh berry & papaya fruit salad 
    ½ cup of rosa tomatoes    
    Raw cashew nuts 30 g  
    Low fat smooth yoghurt  
    Rosie rhino fruit juice 


    Cos lettuce wrap with smoked chicken, guacamole & grated carrot and beetroot salad
    Sliced boiled baby potatoes with mayonnaise for dipping
    Little red apples  
    Mini Ayrshire kids cheese 
    Still water with sliced strawberries for a flavour boost


    Beef frikkadels 2go 6Pk served with a carrot cheese & cucumber 2go and hummus for dipping
    Air popped popcorn 
    Low fat smooth yoghurt  
    Rosie rhino fruit juice 


    Egg ham & cheese 2go 
    Corn cakes with organic crunchy peanut butter 
    Fruit of the season salad 
    Water with mint

  5. FRIDAY Roast chicken drumsticks 110g 
    ½ cup of rosa tomatoes     
    Half a sweetcorn, boiled 
    Little red apples  
    Raw almonds 30g 
    Low fat smooth yoghurt  
    Bongi buffalo fruit juice