Gluten Sensitive Lunch Box Menu

Please note: These lunchbox ideas are suitable for individuals that need to limit gluten in their diets. All the products in this lunchbox may not be suitable for individuals with allergies.This information is not intended to replace medical advice received from your doctor or dietitian. Although the greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is recommended that this information is used as a guideline only and that product labels should be read with care.  

Nutritional needs of children vary widely based on age and activity levels, therefore portions sizes are estimates and serve only as a guide. For more information or should you require individualised advice please contact your dietitian, or go to to locate a dietitian in your area.



    2 cos lettuce ‘wraps’ filled with sweet chilli chicken fillets, 1 tbs hummus and julienned carrots - use the lettuce as the wrap replacement
    Sweetcorn mini cob
    1 small packet of dried mango pieces
    Kids low fat Ayrshire granadilla dairy drink
    Still water

    Roast chicken drumsticks
    Air popped popcorn 
    1 handful sugar snap peas 
    Babybel cheese portion 
    Low fat fruit yoghurt 
    Bongi buffalo fruit juice

    Egg, ham and cheese snack pack 
    Sea Salt Lentil Crackers 50 g 
    ½ cup Rosa tomatoes 
    Raw Almonds & Raisins 30 g 
    Frozen water with blueberry ice blocks - to make the blue berry ice blocks: freeze whole blueberries before putting them in the still water 


    Gluten free seeded bread topped with tuna, mayonnaise and baby butter lettuce
    Chef’s style baby carrots
    Low fat strawberry yoghurt  
    Lenny lion fruit juice   

    BBQ chicken fillets, 1 tbs hummus and grated beetroot and carrot on gluten free brown bread 
    Raw trail nMix 30 g 
    Kids Low Fat Ayrshire Strawberry Dairy Drink 
    Still water