When you were a child what was your dream for when you were “big”? Was it to be an astronaut? A baker? A mad scientist, maybe? Whatever you became, just imagine if you hadn’t been able to read.
It’s suddenly easy to understand how low literacy levels can have seriously detrimental effects on the future of South Africa’s children. So, just imagine where reading can take a child.

We got pupils from Kannemeyer Primary School in Cape Town’s Grassy Park to imagine where reading will take them, and to create our “Just Imagine alphabet”.
Each of the kids decorated a letter that reveals their dream for when they grow up.

Words can change worlds and that’s why this Christmas Woolies is joining up with MySchool and Shine Literacy.
As a non-profit organisation, Shine Literacy seeks to improve the literacy outcomes for young children from low-income communities.
They strive to support children as they learn to read and write, helping to foster a life-long love of books and learning.

For this year, Woolies’ main focus will be on placing additional resources in Shine Centres and Chapters, helping create “Boek Hoek’s”, equipping the development of reading corners, and the training and support of Shine Literacy volunteers, who implement the reading programmes in schools. Just imagine what your swipe could do!

You can help teach a child to read and make their dreams come true every time you shop this festive season.
Swipe your MySchool or linked Woolies card from 1 November until 25 December to give back.

Haven’t linked your Woolies card? Link your card now and give back this Christmas.

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